Advanced Save State Widget

The Advanced Save State Widget gives you the ability to configure a Portal Web App and persist its state.

Normally in a Web App, once you close the browser, your changes are gone. With the Advanced Save State Widget, once your map is complete, you can save that configuration with a unique name and share it with other Portal users and groups in any combination.

From that point, those users will be able to load your named configuration with just a couple of clicks right at their own desktop.


Save Configurations and Save Time.

Advanced Save State Features


You Decide which map state options persist

Advance Save State allows users to decide which map state options to persist. For example, just the filters.


multiple configurations per webmap

Each user has the capability to save multiple configurations per web map.

Save Individual Map Configuration Elements


The Advanced Settings feature of the Save Project Preferences widget allows the user to save individual elements of the map’s configuration:

  • Map extent – The zoom level and focus area of the map

  • Layers – The visibility and transparency settings of the map layers

  • Graphics – Any graphics overlaying the map data, including drawn elements (redlining) and selections

  • Filters – Saves user applied filters

Take the First Step

The Advanced Save State widget will give you the ability to configure a Portal Web App and persist its state.


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