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LOGIC's Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services

Oil and Gas GIS Teams Trust the Esri Platform

Enterprise GIS technology, like the oil and gas industry, is ever-changing. Local operators, downstream producers, and international companies rely on Esri functions to keep their business and GIS practice running strong. The LOGIC team is no exception, we are longtime Esri users, Business Partners and have a 20-year history with the Esri Natural Resources team.

As part of LOGIC Solutions Group’s continuing effort to better serve our oil and gas clients, we now offer Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services.

Our Team Is Your Team

Our team acknowledges that Esri Enterprise GIS administration is a highly specialized skill that not all IT personnel or oil and gas companies possess. LOGIC’s Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services include the very best in Esri management, cloud solutions, and cost savings.

Our GIS specialists work with clients to assess their environment and create a strategic Esri Enterprise GIS management plan. This plan ensures that your Esri Platform is running and optimized to meet your company’s goals. LOGIC's Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services allow GIS departments and users to focus on their work, rather than their system.

LOGIC provides Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services with a well-defined SLA, whether your Enterprise GIS is on site or in the cloud.

On-Going Support

Once your environment is managed by our GIS Specialists, we stay connected to your organization. We help you optimize your Esri capabilities to get the results you're looking for.

Standard Services

  • System monitoring, error reporting, and exception handling
  • System optimization based on pre-determined metrics such as map services response time
  • Reboot protocol and communication plan
  • Applying patches
  • System upgrade for Enterprise GIS once a year
  • Map service publishing at the setup for up to 30 maps
  • Basic map publishing with Web AppBuilder at the setup for up to 3 maps
  • Desktop support and desktop upgrades are not in scope  

Advanced Services – Includes Standard Services above plus:

  • Custom widget development
  • Automation with Safe Software FME
  • Additional or advanced data or map authoring
  • Training or documentation
  • Desktop support or upgrades

Getting It Right

Our goal is simple: creating technology solutions that deliver the right data at the right time in the right place for oil and gas companies. With each Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services project, we promise to deliver the visibility and transparency of data and to ensure your Esri environment is working properly.


Let’s explore what LOGIC Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services can do for your company.

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