Hello World - 2016 is off to the races!


Written by:  Todd Buehlman, LOGIC Solutions Group

Hello World (tip of the hat to our coders out there). 2016 is officially off to the races! Of course, at near $30 oil and much indication it is going to get worse before it gets better, maybe some want to slink back to 2015…or better yet, 2014. 

Well, only time will tell.  Many think we may be able to clear the glut by early summer and some are hopeful that movement from Saudi Arabia and OPEC will speed a recovery along but that all remains to be seen.

Even while we in the O&G industry are looking for steady ground underneath us, Esri is moving forward with new WebApps, widgets, data types, administration tools and functionality on “The Platform”. ArcGIS Online continues to grow in terms of administrative and map making control.  In addition, as ArcGIS Online evolves, so does Portal and the rest of the WebApps and widgets we all want and need. All of which is good news. 

The LOGIC team is working towards our second widgets release (read more on our first release if you missed it). Our focus on GIS has not waned as our clients (you!) are busier than ever and trying to do more with less.  Enterprise GIS, Portal, Widgets and Safesofts’s FME will be our focus this year as we work to establish or stabilize our client’s environments, expand their capabilities with Portal and Widgets and help save time while improving data quality and richness with FME.

No one can see into the future, but as is always the case, this too shall pass. Hang tight, let’s get efficient and have a good time doing it!

Have a great 2016 from the LOGIC crew.  More blogs to come this year as we dive deeper into FME, Spotfire, more widgets and other hopefully salient topics.  Feedback or requests are always appreciated.