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The mini case studies are aimed at providing insight into the business and technical challenges facing your peers, the industry and our team. Each one will highlight the challenge, the solution, current project status and any realized benefits.

We’ll be covering the updates on the blog. Keep an eye out and reach out with any questions.

Global Database Upgrades for Major Oil & Gas Company


is Esri's technology for accessing and managing geospatial data within relational databases. ArcSDE geodatabases allow you to use other Esri products, such as ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server, as well as custom applications to store, use, and manage all your GIS data in one database management system.

Recently our team led a global ArcSDE upgrade effort for a major oil and gas company. Over the course of the project, our team worked with dozens of offices around the world to remotely upgrade and test the involved databases using a mix of scripts and test plans.

As a result of collaborative planning and clear communication, the upgrade was completed with no hiccups or unexpected issues. Our client quickly regained use of ArcSDE to fulfill day-to-day needs with some additional features delivered by the upgrade.

Spatial Data Management Workflow Automation with FME for Super Major Business Unit

Our client manages an enormous amount of data. Ingesting, synthesizing and distributing data are the responsibilities of the Data Management team. Our team worked with the client to understand their goals, systems and data functions.

Enter Safe Software’s FME, which allows for the automated flow of data between applications. From there, we helped them build out a robust Extract, Transform and Load architecture that leverages Esri’s ArcGIS Platform, Python, SQL and FME suite in order to meet their daily data needs.   

The development of spatial data management workflows has allowed the large E&P to automate many data transfers, improve quality and enrich data for improved business function. The workflows are taking care of those data tasks we all face each day and is still operating while the team gets some much needed sleep – we are talking lifesaver status!

So far, automated workflows have been applied to:


· Drillinginfo

· P2/Tobin

· Rextag/HART

· Internal databases

Customized Portal Tools for Advanced Selection, Filtering, and Display Capabilities to Denver based Operator

This project included the need to optimize a smaller Portal for AcrGIS environment, and to provide a custom Portal Theme with an advanced selection and filtering tool. The result was a solution which stabilizes and adds advanced features to Esri Table Control, giving it more functional power.

The custom Esri Theme allows our client to easily spin up new Web Applications via Web AppBuilder.

Some benefits of the new environment include:

· Stable ArcGIS for Portal environment (no more random error messages)

· Advanced filtering of data on map

· Advanced visualization choice of the data

· Ease of Web Application authoring and deployment

Global Geospatial Data Management Assessment for Super Major with Detailed Roadmap and Implementation Deliverables

The LOGIC team led a geospatial data management assessment for an international integrated Super Major. The project began by analyzing the current spatial and related data management environment and resulted in providing a roadmap to move their GIS efforts forward.

The main focus of the assessment was Upstream, however with any comprehensive roadmap, Midstream and Downstream were taken into account. 

Here are a few highlights of the strategic assessment areas that were addressed.

A detailed implementation roadmap including timeline and budget were delivered at the completion of the assessment. 

·  Geospatial data governance:

· Governance structure, processes and procedures

· Roles and responsibility

· Data standards

· Geospatial data architecture:

· Data classification framework

· Data architecture

· Physical architecture

· Security

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