LOGIC’s Widget Library and The End of Platform “Bolt-Ons”

Without in-house expertise or ever tightening bandwidth, an enterprise Esri setup and configuration can be daunting.  The push to possibly shorten time-to-market, increase out of the box functionality or to manage lag time between major Esri releases for a company’s first Web Map can result in the purchase of 3rd party products that advertise to be a bolt-on and accelerator to the Esri framework.

Although the 3rd party tool may have done the trick for a particular instance, the environment now has an added layer of complexity that still needs to be maintained… and paid for.

Why not start managing Esri with Esri. Publishing powerful WebApps with Esri tools makes managing Esri from within the Platform free and easy. With ArcGIS for Server, Portal for ArcGIS 10.3+ and Web AppBuilder, you can leave behind those 3rd party tools. Setting up and maintaining the Esri tools for specific functions within your organization is now a breeze for in-house GIS departments or outside experts.

In addition to Esri’s pre-made tools, LOGIC is happy to debut our LOGIC Widget Library. Today, we released the first phase of cost effective widgets for the Oil & Gas market. Saving time on repetitive or multi-click tasks in a map in order to access business critical information lets geoscientists and Land Men make better and quicker decisions.

Our widgets are designed to take complicated or multi-step tasks and streamline them. We've done the legwork to make daily tasks for GIS departments and users easy and integrated. 

Our widgets include:
  • Energy IQ Trusted Data Manager Integrator
  • Zoom To Land Grid
  • Advanced Elevation Profile
  • Advanced Production Summary
  • Tibco Spotfire Integrator
  • Tibco OpenSpirit Integrator  

Dig into the individual features and functions here

Now more than ever, the fact that companies continue to manage expensive bolt-ons that add layers of intricacy and overhead is coming under fire. The time has come to take the power of the Esri Platform into your own hands and start utilizing the innate capabilities of Web AppBuilder, Collector, Operations Dashboard, Navigator, ArcGIS Pro and the LOGIC Widgets.