FME Caller Widget

Data Insights Made Easy

Gain more value and insight from data by connecting FME Workbenches to Esri WebApp Builder Web Apps.

From within Esri our FME Caller Widget queries FME Server for FME Workbenches that the user has access to and then displays the Workbenches in the Widget.  

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Hello, FME Server! It’s Esri Calling.

HOw it works

As the user selects each Workbench, FME Caller Widget will read the FME Workbench inputs and outputs from the server and then automatically update the Widget’s user interface based on the data.

Inputs and selections are then gathered from the user in Esri Portal and sent to FME Server for processing. The results can be returned in many forms including map features, PDF reports, ShapeFiles, KML, File GeoDataBase – just to list a few.


FME Caller is a Simple Widget for Powerful Data Insight

  • With FME Caller Widget, you don’t have to be an FME guru to access the power of FME. The Widget runs FME behind the scenes for non-technical users. 

  • Remove the back and forth between applications and streamline data analysis from within Esri WebApp Builder.

  • Land, wells, pipeline -  FME Caller Widget capabilities are data agnostic. The Widget will pull any FME Workbench input or output that users have access to from an Esri Web App.

Combine The Power of FME + Esri

Take the first step towards giving users of all capabilities a powerful data insight tool.


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