Zero Touch GIS

Enterprise GIS

Most organizations utilize spatial data and systems and may not realize that they are using a type of Geographic Information System (“GIS”). Other organizations might have a robust GIS servicing the entire enterprise in various capacities from robust desktop data management to lightweight field mobile devices.  Enterprise GIS represents a mature, governed ArcGIS Platform that brings key company maps and data sets into user’s hands via desktop, web and mobile on demand. Maps for everyone.

A mature GIS supports the enterprise with improved search and discoverability, collaboration, decision making and provides a single, trusted source of the truth via an intuitive map interface.  The GIS is valid, accurate, complete and trusted, but it is still multiple clicks away.  Users generally have to actively seek out and interact with GIS professionals or overly complex query and analysis tools to answer the really interesting questions.  The information sought must be actively pulled from systems and resources as opposed to the right information in the right context being pushed to the user at the right time.

Zero Touch GIS

While it is sometimes rare for companies to have a powerful and robust Enterprise GIS, once achieved, the ability to supply a “Zero Touch GIS” is possible.  Zero Touch GIS refers to a system where the right data is begin pushed to the user at the right time in the right context.  The user does not have to send an email, chase down a land person to build them a map, put a ticket in a queue, open ArcMap Desktop or open a web map and start filtering or querying to get a map product.  As users access maps on their phone, tablet, web or desktop, the map that displays is already in the right context, displaying just the data that the user needs and expects.  Layers don’t have to be turned on or off, query or filter data sets don’t requiring modification, and symbolization is correct.  The map has the right content, context and pre-calculated analyses.

Organizations can achieve this level of service by continuing to build close relationships with the line of business and becoming the “trusted advisor”.  By proactively anticipating user needs instead of reacting to requests, a better understanding of the data behind the analyses and maps will result.

The GIS team is now anticipating user needs.  They are pre-processing and high-grading data so that when the business user opens a map, they don’t have to query, interpret or mash up data, but instead the answer they are seeking is already on the map.  The competitor analysis is already there, the top ten performing and bottom ten performing wells are already there, the platforms assets endangered by the coming storm are already there. 

Next Steps

LOGIC Solutions Group has the skill and experience to help your team achieve Zero Touch GIS.  We will work with your line of business users and your GIS team to identify quick wins and strategic initiatives to accelerate the process.  Please contact us today to discuss how we can help.