LOGIC Solutions Group: 1 of a Small Group of Safe Software Partners in the US

LOGIC Solutions Group and Safe Software

LOGIC Solutions Group and Safe Software (makers of FME) are excited to announce we have established a formal business partnership to better serve the oil and gas community.  Our team is honored to be a Houston based Safe Software Solution Provider, focusing on Oil & Gas, and 1 of a small group of official Safe Partners in the US. LOGIC has FME Certified Professionals on staff with reference-able projects in the oil and gas industry with recent FME projects that have included SCADA, IHS and Drillinginfo data.

“We’re pleased to welcome LOGIC Solutions Group to our new Solutions Provider Program,” says Don Murray, President and Co-Founder of Safe Software. “We look forward to seeing the innovative projects that come out of this partnership.”

Why FME?

Connect virtually any data with out-of-the-box FME. With FME, incompatible systems are a thing of the past. FME allows you to move data between 300+ formats and applications, while preserving data quality throughout the conversion process.

Transform raw data to meet any need. Mash up data, perform complex operations and output to any format or data store; however it’s needed.

Think of FME as your data Swiss Army knife that includes hundreds of transformers and tools that perform powerful data manipulation tasks all while giving you visibility into your data quality and processes.

Automate and rejoice! All FME workflows are reusable and can be configured to run automatically whenever new data is introduced or scheduled to run at a specific interval.  And, with robust notifications and logging, you can quickly react and adjust accordingly.  Powerful stuff.

FME gives you a proven system for advanced ETL, but also allows you to add valuable analyses to your data in the process. For example, while spatializing data:

Why not look for patterns and add additional valuable attributes such as distance from the nearest pipeline or lease road? 

Or create aggregate, de-normalized layers for quickly ascertaining competitor activity in an area?  

How can LOGIC help?

Our technology team’s experience with oil and gas data sets and systems used to make data discoverable gives us proper industry context to help businesses achieve tactical and strategic objectives. With LOGIC, you have a trusted partner that can help identify data ETL to be automated, while augmenting the data and adding business value.

With spatial extract, transform and load (“ETL”) tools and empowering data technicians to not just move and load data quickly, but to yield maximum value, FME is the best of breed. 

Please contact LOGIC today to find out how we can help you with your ETL strategy and provide FME services to deliver undiscovered business data to your users; fast, accurate, and enriched.