Esri Enterprise GIS in the Cloud

So many reasons to use the cloud… Scale to meet demand. Ensure reliable performance. Reduce infrastructure costs. Kick off new projects with a fast, flexible deployment. Esri and Microsoft’s partnership has made it simple for you to run Enterprise GIS in the cloud. For example, ready-to-go instances of ArcGIS Enterprise are available for popular cloud-based platforms including Microsoft Azure.

What’s Available?

Esri’s Enterprise GIS suite is now accessible via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, leveraging a growing collection of integrated cloud services. Enjoy all the capabilities of Esri Enterprise GIS on Azure’s virtual desktop. Visualize, edit, and analyze geographic data in both 2D and 3D, and securely share your work with others.

A Local Mid-Tier Oli & Gas Company Moves to Esri On Azure

LOGIC Solutions Group recently migrated a mid-tier Oil & Gas company’s Esri Enterprise GIS environment into the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

The operator had a stable, on-premises Enterprise GIS instance but has been moving more and more applications to the cloud in order to decrease their hardware footprint, costs, and management. The time had come to upgrade to the Enterprise GIS, so the decision was made to upgrade and migrate at the same time to Azure.

By spinning up instances of Esri Enterprise in Azure:

  • Our client does not have to maintain hardware infrastructure
  • Servers can be added or removed as demand requires
  • Deployment can be addressed via templates to expedite cycle times and ensure uniformity
  • The LOGIC services team can manage the back-end servers via a managed services contract and the client can focus on the data and value to the enterprise

“Our end-users were excited about the look and feel of the upgraded version and never even knew that we had migrated to the cloud.” - Local Mid-Tier Oil & Gas GIS Manager

Enterprise Ready

Esri Enterprise GIS users can harness the power of Microsoft’s scalable cloud infrastructure while maintaining full control of geospatial assets. You get distributed processing power to work with real-time GIS technology so you can:

  • Monitor and analyze real-time data feeds from any type of sensor
  • Process and analyze massive amounts of satellite and remote sensing imagery
  • Perform space-time analysis on large datasets up to billions of data points


The LOGIC team can help you understand the process of migrating your Esri Enterprise GIS to the cloud, build out a plan and manage your environment.

Contact us to explore the benefits of leveraging Microsoft Azure with your Esri Enterprise GIS environment.