Power the Flow of Data - Automating Workflows with FME Server

Chances Are You Use or Know of FME Desktop…

Most of us are familiar with FME Desktop, the all-in-one tool for data integration and productivity. In the oil and gas community, FME Desktop is widely used and loved for spatial and non-spatial Extract > Transform > Load (“ETL”) processes. 

Meet FME Server

We want to introduce you to FME Server. The LOGIC GIS team are longtime adopters of FME Server, mainly because you can use FME Server to automate the flow of data between applications... not to mention any mindless data tasks you're forced to do each day.

You may already be using FME Server for its powerful data flow automation and if you aren’t, here are our three favorite FME Server benefits to get you one step closer to automating data flow. 

3 Benefits of Deploying FME Server

  1. Improved Scheduling – No more wiring Workbenches up to Windows Schedulers.

  2. Improved Notifications – Easier integration with Exchange for auto-notifications during Workbench processing.

  3. Event Driven Actions – Listen for changes on other servers before kicking-off a process. 

Besides the obvious benefits, FME Server provides a place to organize and centrally distribute services-based functionality to the organization in line with generally recommended enterprise architectures.

February FME Server Webinar - Automating Enterprise Workflows with FME Server 

To learn more about FME Server, Safe Software is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, February 6th titled “Automating Enterprise Workflows with FME Server.”  The LOGIC team will be tuning in for a sneak peek of the new FME Server automations functionality. Register here to learn how FME Server can be used to automate the flow of data between applications, making tedious data tasks a thing of the past! 

FME Webinar Details
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
8:00am-9:00am PST, 11:00am-12:00pm EST 

Jen Luther Thomas 

Please reach out to LOGIC if you have any questions or would like assistance with your ETL and FME strategy.