FME Summer Camp: Dive In With Databases

No summer is complete without a trip to camp. Our go-to summer camp just so happens to be FME Summer Camp. We’re breaking out the s’mores and joining fellow FME users throughout the summer to learn what FME 2018 brings with new database formats, enhanced formats, and a game-changing transformer! 

This week, we are hearing from LOGIC team member, Muneer who recently attended FME Summer Camp Session 1 – Deep Dive into Databases.  

Camp Report: Session 1

After attending FME Summer Camp, Muneer shared:

The session opened with a briefing on the new data format readers/writers in FME 2018, namely the TERADATA, SAP HANA, Geodatabase on SAP HANA and finally the one I was quite interested in exploring further, ESRI geodatabase mosaic writer.

Following the updates overview, there was a short demo on the mosaic writer. During the demo, I was thinking of the numerous workflows from my past experience where this capability would have been a very productive application. Exciting preview!

Game Changing Transformer

I was also intrigued by the new FeatureJoiner transformer which supersedes the legacy FeatureMerger transformer. The FeatureJoiner gives you various direct methods to make your data join based on either implicit one-to-one or one-to-many relationships and also presents an out of the box resolver for resulting conflicts. The new transformer is pretty sweet, although the FeatureMerger is still available for users who prefer the merge method.

Summer Camp Session 1 Rating 5/5

The FME team also gave updates on data harmonization and tips for reducing data load risks with FME. These were two valuable topics which I will definitely be looking to apply in future projects.

On the whole, the session was very well planned and the list of topics covered were quite invaluable to my knowledge base. If these topics sound interesting, you can watch FME Summer Camp Session 1 – Deep Dive into Databases

Please reach out if you have any FME questions or need assistance with an FME project, LOGIC is 1 of a small set of FME Partners in the US.