EnerVest Delivers Enterprise Analytics Workflow with Kingdom and FME

Most mid-sized and major oil & gas companies use IHS Markit’s Kingdom software for geologic interpretation to help them identify potential oil and gas reserve targets. Kingdom is widely known for making collaboration between geoscientists, drillers, and engineers easier by pooling data into a single software solution which enables asset teams to make confident data-driven decisions from exploration through to completion.

Historically, Data Living Inside of Kingdom Has Been Difficult to Access

LOGIC is a big fan of Kingdom, but the data living inside the software has long been challenging to access due to proprietary database and BLOB (Binary Large Object) structures. Integrating the software’s robust subsurface analysis with external tools or maps for advanced analytics has historically been difficult, if not impossible… until now.

The Game Has Changed with Kingdom’s First SDK Release

Recently, Kingdom released its first Software Development Kit (SDK) exposing well data, deviation survey, zone information, and additional project details to developers and thus to the organization at large. The SDK release provides an excellent opportunity to leverage the power of Kingdom subsurface data by integrating external software tools for advanced analysis.

EnerVest Leverages the Power of Kingdom and FME

Our client, EnerVest, immediately recognized the potential to create an enterprise analytics workflow utilizing the newly accessible Kingdom data. LOGIC was thrilled to provide EnerVest with consulting advisory and implementation services to achieve this goal.   

LOGIC produced a custom FME Reader/Writer to enable EnerVest to easily export Kingdom data to a variety of software platforms, including their enterprise GIS.  Integrating FME also delivers the benefit of automation by regularly updating Kingdom projects through the use of the FME Writer.

LOGIC Solutions Group-Kingdom-FME-Reader-Inspector.png

Together, the Kingdom SDK and FME platform provides EnerVest geologists and geophysicists more robust decision-making capability through multi-system integration and analysis.

If your geologist and geophysicist teams use Kingdom, consider adding FME to your everyday tool kit to take advantage of gaining more actionable insight from previously hard to reach data.