What’s new in Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7?

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 introduces new features, stability enhancements, and improved functionality throughout your Enterprise GIS environment. Our development team just completed a handful of upgrades at mid-tier operator client sites, and we are excited to report on several new capabilities and a clean 10.7.0 version release.

 ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 New Capabilities of Interest

  • ArcGIS Notebook Server – Think machine learning powered with Jupyter notebooks running Python in your Portal!

  • Improved GeoAnalytics server functions with Python.

  • Hosted Feature Layers – Area of Interest: Spatial views to filter your Hosted Feature Layers.

  • Web Hooks – Triggers for Portal activity – For example, kickoff a workflow when a new user is added or deleted.

  • ArcGIS Indoors – New tools for taking your GIS inside.

  • Tracker for ArcGIS – Know where your users are and have been.

  • 3D Subsurface – Introduces a ground transparency slider and the ability to navigate underground without having to “trick” the Z values. Big jump forward for Oil & Gas, Utilities, Government and anyone interested in the assets in the ground.

One thing is for sure; the 10.7 upgrade delivers a ton of new functionality and possibilities for your ArcGIS environment!

Upgrading your ArcGIS Environment to 10.7

If you are considering upgrading to 10.7, ask yourself or your team to answer these three questions before jumping into the upgrade.  

  1. Will my current hardware and software components work with the 10.7 upgrade? Before you dig into the fun stuff, we recommend reviewing Esri’s deprecation notice to determine if your hardware and software components are still compatible with version 10.7 and to see a list of functionality that has been deprecated.

  2. Does my ArcGIS environment run via a cloud deployment? If so, review this document for Amazon or this document for Microsoft.

  3. Have we recently discussed our user types? New changes to user types might affect you. Review user type, roles, and privileges involved with 10.7 here.

If you have any questions about upgrade 10.7 or need help upgrading reach out to the LOGIC development team.

We’ll be happy to review your system and determine a course of action for upgrading your ArcGIS environment to Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.