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New Findings from Dr. Stanley Gleason

Spring is upon us, and it's been a crazy start to the week. In a wild turn of events, reclusive geoscientist Dr. Stanley Gleason has developed a revolutionary new vertical perspective projection, plainly demonstrating that the earth is, in fact, flat. Yes, we were also floored by the news!

In an in-depth interview, Gleason explains he cannot square his personal observations with conventional geodesy and describes the dawn of his great realization. "The spheroidal, the ellipsoidal... the conic, conformal and cylindrical... rubbish! We all know coordinate projections are shameless distortions. The flat earth is its own 1:1 map. We can put aside our false eastings and northings. The North Pole is the only azimuth I need." Roundly stated, Dr. Gleason, roundly stated. 

You’ve Got to See This for Yourself!

Check out the Gleason and other flat earth maps for yourself. You may even want to explore the travel writings of Dr. Gleason's distant cousin and namesake, Flat Stanley, for the full flat experience.

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Happy April Fool’s Day from the LOGIC team!