How Does a CPA Enter the World of Information Management and GIS?

Meet Lindsey Ferrell, LOGIC’s new Business Development lead.

Why on earth would LOGIC hire a CPA to lead Business Development efforts?  This may be a question you’re asking yourself, but rest assured, Lindsey is not just any CPA! For the last decade, Lindsey has been navigating away from her public audit beginnings with Deloitte and Touche, LLP and weaving a career through different departments at Oil & Gas companies ranging in size and maturity from small start-up E&Ps to global supermajors.  Her experiences have given her the ability to smoothly liaise between functions and realize repeat success on initiatives requiring collaboration across operations, supply chain, accounting, and IT. 

The Common Theme: Data Transparency

Data transparency and informed decision making have been at the center of Lindsey’s career, stemming from her roots in accounting and further emphasized by the demands of the technologically evolving upstream O&G market.  Lindsey has given operations teams access to accurate, near-real-time cost data, reverse-engineered NOJV drilling timelines and well delivery costs, and led third-party software evaluations and implementations.  She has worked directly with regulatory bodies and landowners to resolve royalty concerns and helped midstream buyers to verify and approve production and sales volumes. In each of these efforts, Lindsey sought to provide customers with access to clear, accurate, and meaningful data while maximizing workflow efficiency.  This is the exact reason Lindsey is a natural fit for LOGIC. Lindsey’s experience and passion align directly with LOGIC’s mission to deliver the right data to the right person at the right time.

IoT, Machine Learning, and Automation

Lindsey’s recent work focuses on embracing advances with the Internet of Things, machine learning, and automation, which nicely complements LOGIC’s endeavors into Artificial Intelligence.  Our team is excitedly thinking of ways to introduce LOGIC’s expertise in GIS to new clients, including water transportation and infrastructure services companies, pipeline companies, and power and utility organizations. 

Welcome to the LOGIC Team, Lindsey!

We are pleased to welcome Lindsey to the LOGIC team! Just remember, her random personal tax advice is in no way reflective of or represented by LOGIC Solutions Group. It’s just icing on the cake!