A Powerful Toolkit for Portal User Management

A Powerful Toolkit for Portal User Management

A team conversation about workplace automation stats led us to think about Esri Portal for ArcGIS and the fact that most well paid, high-end Enterprise GIS Administrators deal with more mundane daily user management tasks. Our goal and eventual outcome focused on answering, “How can we help organizations simplify time-consuming, repetitive Portal tasks?”


What’s new in Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7?

What’s new in Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7?

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 introduces new features, stability enhancements, and improved functionality throughout your Enterprise GIS environment. The LOGIC Solutions Group development team just completed a handful of upgrades at mid-tier operator client sites, and we are excited to report on several new capabilities and a clean 10.7.0 version release.

How Does a CPA Enter the World of Information Management and GIS?

How Does a CPA Enter the World of Information Management and GIS?

Why on earth would LOGIC hire a CPA to lead Business Development efforts?  This may be a question you’re asking yourself, but rest assured, Lindsey is not just any CPA! For the last decade, Lindsey has been navigating away from her public audit beginnings and weaving a career through different departments at Oil & Gas companies.

To Certify or Not to Certify: What can an experienced IT professional gain from taking a certification exam?

To Certify or Not to Certify: What can an experienced IT professional gain from taking a certification exam?

In today’s IT world, almost all software, hardware or service vendors offer some kind of skill-based certificates that require you to take a pass/fail exam to obtain said certification. When considering an improvement of career or looking for professional development, many IT professionals find themselves asking “should I get this certification or not.”

Does the Esri ArcGIS Platform and TLS Protocol Support Update affect you?

Does the Esri ArcGIS Platform and TLS Protocol Support Update affect you?

On Nov. 14, 2018, Esri released Important Updates for the ArcGIS Platform and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Support. This update requires ArcGIS Online clients all over the globe to be compliant with TLS 1.2 by February 2019. Most Esri customers will be affected.

LOGIC to Merge with Indigo Beam

Combo Logo.png

Indigo Beam and LOGIC Solutions Group are excited to announce our impending merger.

Together the companies will become a leading mid-size consulting firm servicing the Oil & Gas, Government, Manufacturing, and Services industries.

While the merger will diversify and deepen our offerings, the move also brings together the management teams and consultants who have previous experience working together for over ten years at Idea Integration. The new firm will be a true collaboration – a joining of two dedicated consulting firms similar in background and culture, with practice strengths that are complementary and will enable us to expand resources. Operationally, the two brands will remain intact to preserve the equity established in the marketplace over the years. Todd Buehlman and Mitchell Atwood will stay at the helm of LOGIC Solutions Group and Adarsh Karia, Indigo Beam founder will lead their organization.

Both firms are extremely proud of the quality of their teams, services and enterprise information management acumen.

If you are a LOGIC Solution Group client, you can expect the same focus, the same high-quality service and the same team that you have come to know.

Our businesses will operate as usual with a few added benefits:

  • Larger economies of scale. The merger will effectively increase the size of our organizations by 2.5x, translating into increased service offerings, an expanded pool of resources, and collaboration across clients.
  • Familiar leadership. Todd, Adarsh, and Mitchell have worked together for nearly a decade at Idea Integration and during the initial iteration of LOGIC Solutions Group.
  • Well-acquainted teams. Many of the consultants from each organization are familiar with one another and have worked together previously.
  • Ease of integration. With a shared background and similar business models and processes, we look forward to team collaboration and knowledge growth.  
  • Combined offices. The LOGIC team will be moving into the Indigo Beam offices in the towers at Westheimer and Beltway, just a couple miles away from our current location.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this major milestone as it provides an exciting opportunity.

We look forward to delivering a range of expertise and a quality of service unmatched by any enterprise information management firm. The prospect of working alongside a team of people we admire, respect, and trust has all of us ready for the next chapter.   

LOGIC Solutions Group appreciates the time and opportunities we have been afforded us thus far! You will hear much more about the combination soon, but we wanted to communicate this information as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FME Summer Camp: Dive In With Databases

No summer is complete without a trip to camp. Our go-to summer camp just so happens to be FME Summer Camp. We’re breaking out the s’mores and joining fellow FME users throughout the summer to learn what FME 2018 brings with new database formats, enhanced formats, and a game-changing transformer! 

This week, we are hearing from LOGIC team member, Muneer who recently attended FME Summer Camp Session 1 – Deep Dive into Databases.  

Camp Report: Session 1

After attending FME Summer Camp, Muneer shared:

The session opened with a briefing on the new data format readers/writers in FME 2018, namely the TERADATA, SAP HANA, Geodatabase on SAP HANA and finally the one I was quite interested in exploring further, ESRI geodatabase mosaic writer.

Following the updates overview, there was a short demo on the mosaic writer. During the demo, I was thinking of the numerous workflows from my past experience where this capability would have been a very productive application. Exciting preview!

Game Changing Transformer

I was also intrigued by the new FeatureJoiner transformer which supersedes the legacy FeatureMerger transformer. The FeatureJoiner gives you various direct methods to make your data join based on either implicit one-to-one or one-to-many relationships and also presents an out of the box resolver for resulting conflicts. The new transformer is pretty sweet, although the FeatureMerger is still available for users who prefer the merge method.

Summer Camp Session 1 Rating 5/5

The FME team also gave updates on data harmonization and tips for reducing data load risks with FME. These were two valuable topics which I will definitely be looking to apply in future projects.

On the whole, the session was very well planned and the list of topics covered were quite invaluable to my knowledge base. If these topics sound interesting, you can watch FME Summer Camp Session 1 – Deep Dive into Databases

Please reach out if you have any FME questions or need assistance with an FME project, LOGIC is 1 of a small set of FME Partners in the US. 


LOGIC's Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services

Oil and Gas GIS Teams Trust the Esri Platform

Enterprise GIS technology, like the oil and gas industry, is ever-changing. Local operators, downstream producers, and international companies rely on Esri functions to keep their business and GIS practice running strong. The LOGIC team is no exception, we are longtime Esri users, Business Partners and have a 20-year history with the Esri Natural Resources team.

As part of LOGIC Solutions Group’s continuing effort to better serve our oil and gas clients, we now offer Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services.

Our Team Is Your Team

Our team acknowledges that Esri Enterprise GIS administration is a highly specialized skill that not all IT personnel or oil and gas companies possess. LOGIC’s Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services include the very best in Esri management, cloud solutions, and cost savings.

Our GIS specialists work with clients to assess their environment and create a strategic Esri Enterprise GIS management plan. This plan ensures that your Esri Platform is running and optimized to meet your company’s goals. LOGIC's Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services allow GIS departments and users to focus on their work, rather than their system.

LOGIC provides Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services with a well-defined SLA, whether your Enterprise GIS is on site or in the cloud.

On-Going Support

Once your environment is managed by our GIS Specialists, we stay connected to your organization. We help you optimize your Esri capabilities to get the results you're looking for.

Standard Services

  • System monitoring, error reporting, and exception handling
  • System optimization based on pre-determined metrics such as map services response time
  • Reboot protocol and communication plan
  • Applying patches
  • System upgrade for Enterprise GIS once a year
  • Map service publishing at the setup for up to 30 maps
  • Basic map publishing with Web AppBuilder at the setup for up to 3 maps
  • Desktop support and desktop upgrades are not in scope  

Advanced Services – Includes Standard Services above plus:

  • Custom widget development
  • Automation with Safe Software FME
  • Additional or advanced data or map authoring
  • Training or documentation
  • Desktop support or upgrades

Getting It Right

Our goal is simple: creating technology solutions that deliver the right data at the right time in the right place for oil and gas companies. With each Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services project, we promise to deliver the visibility and transparency of data and to ensure your Esri environment is working properly.


Let’s explore what LOGIC Esri Enterprise GIS Managed Services can do for your company.

Contact our team




Esri Enterprise GIS in the Cloud

So many reasons to use the cloud… Scale to meet demand. Ensure reliable performance. Reduce infrastructure costs. Kick off new projects with a fast, flexible deployment. Esri and Microsoft’s partnership has made it simple for you to run Enterprise GIS in the cloud. For example, ready-to-go instances of ArcGIS Enterprise are available for popular cloud-based platforms including Microsoft Azure.

What’s Available?

Esri’s Enterprise GIS suite is now accessible via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, leveraging a growing collection of integrated cloud services. Enjoy all the capabilities of Esri Enterprise GIS on Azure’s virtual desktop. Visualize, edit, and analyze geographic data in both 2D and 3D, and securely share your work with others.

A Local Mid-Tier Oli & Gas Company Moves to Esri On Azure

LOGIC Solutions Group recently migrated a mid-tier Oil & Gas company’s Esri Enterprise GIS environment into the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

The operator had a stable, on-premises Enterprise GIS instance but has been moving more and more applications to the cloud in order to decrease their hardware footprint, costs, and management. The time had come to upgrade to the Enterprise GIS, so the decision was made to upgrade and migrate at the same time to Azure.

By spinning up instances of Esri Enterprise in Azure:

  • Our client does not have to maintain hardware infrastructure
  • Servers can be added or removed as demand requires
  • Deployment can be addressed via templates to expedite cycle times and ensure uniformity
  • The LOGIC services team can manage the back-end servers via a managed services contract and the client can focus on the data and value to the enterprise

“Our end-users were excited about the look and feel of the upgraded version and never even knew that we had migrated to the cloud.” - Local Mid-Tier Oil & Gas GIS Manager

Enterprise Ready

Esri Enterprise GIS users can harness the power of Microsoft’s scalable cloud infrastructure while maintaining full control of geospatial assets. You get distributed processing power to work with real-time GIS technology so you can:

  • Monitor and analyze real-time data feeds from any type of sensor
  • Process and analyze massive amounts of satellite and remote sensing imagery
  • Perform space-time analysis on large datasets up to billions of data points


The LOGIC team can help you understand the process of migrating your Esri Enterprise GIS to the cloud, build out a plan and manage your environment.

Contact us to explore the benefits of leveraging Microsoft Azure with your Esri Enterprise GIS environment.

2018 FME World Tour - 6 Reasons To Attend

Our team has participated in the past two FME World Tours and each year, we are blown away by Safe Software’s annual event. From locations to food and top notch subject matter experts, the Safe team does an outstanding job!

This year you can expect the same day-long format with topics focused on new features, industries, and peer-to-peer networking.

Here are the 6 reasons you should attend the 2018 FME World Tour in a location near you.

  1. Hear real-life FME success stories.
  2. Discover what’s amazing in the most recent release of FME.
  3. Cool Swag (but really, check it out)!
  4. Learn tips and best practices you can apply to projects.
  5. The LOGIC team is presenting at 3 stops on the 2018 FME World Tour.
  6. Low event cost. The total cost for this educational event is $25.00(USD).

Not to mention Safe Software reports, “one thing that virtually all past attendees (99.7% last year) can agree on – it’s that they’d recommend the FME World Tour to a friend.”

Check out our recap post from 2017’s world tour.


We are excited to announce that LOGIC Solutions Group will be presenting at 3 world tour stops:

Houston - The Westin Houston, Memorial City | Monday, April 9, 2018

Dallas -  Westin Dallas Downtown | Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Denver - The Westin Denver Downtown | Friday, April 13, 2018

Todd Buehlman and Orlando McDowelle will be speaking on how Oil & Gas companies use FME to improve data, leading to improved business insights. 

Todd and Orlando will be expanding on the idea that the FME toolset is becoming ubiquitous in the oil and gas industry and is required to make sense of the vast amounts of data, both internal and commercial. Oil & Gas companies have numerous commercial, contracted and internal data sets and struggle to synthesize, load and get them to the right people and systems. 

We hope you are as excited about the FME World Tour as we are! Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the event.

You can register for any FME World Tour city at https://www.safe.com/worldtour/

Source: Safe Software

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Houston and the surrounding area is home for LOGIC. Our team, customers, family and friends have all been affected by Hurricane Harvey. As we all begin the process of rebuilding and moving forward, please keep us in your thoughts.

As Harvey’s aftermath continues to unfold, many organizations are doing vital work to help save lives and give comfort.

If you feel compelled to lend a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of vetted, local places to donate and helpful resources.  LOGIC isn't endorsing or vouching for any of these groups. It's always a good idea to do a bit of research on any charity before you donate to it. One place to start is Charity Navigator.

Places to Donate:

Living Hope Wheel Chair Association

Help Harvey Victims on Dialysis

EMERGE Harvey Relief Fund

Portlight Strategies

Texas SPCA

Houston Food Bank


Area Information

Shelter Map

Words of Advice

Flood Resources

How to Transfer Web Apps Between Users or Different Versions in Web AppBuilder


(Source: Esri)

We all love Web AppBuilder.

Web AppBuilder makes life so much easier when creating and deploying Web Apps with out-of-the-box and custom widgets. One specific thing I’ve noticed is Web AppBuilder allows you to import local apps or your own portal account, but it doesn’t allow the transfer of apps between different accounts. Also, if you are transferring one or two apps, you could download a zip, and share it with your colleagues. But, what happens if you are transferring, say, 10 apps or 50?

So, let’s get down to business: How to Transfer Web Apps Between Users or Different Versions in Web AppBuilder.

The portal request for the list of apps for a user looks something like this: 


You can grab a list of apps for any user by changing the username parameter in this URL above. Magic!!! 



Okay, let’s not get carried away - this is still step one. To find the actual file where changes could be made, I dug around the files, and it hit me that the URL matches a folder structure on the Web AppBuilder. So, the JavaScript files on the server approximate much of what Portal uses for various content management tasks. 

Further analysis uncovered the exact path for the file which contains the list: 


This file has no extension but can be opened with any JSON text viewing application. 

Below is an example entry:


Once we understood this is the source, all you have to do is replace the “creator” and “modified” JSON items with the new username who will be the new owner of the app, and voilà! After you find and replace the username, launch the startup.bat and relaunch the Web AppBuilder browser. Voilà again!

Now, let’s say you are having to do a fresh install or move to the latest version of the Web AppBuilder.

Good news - you can copy your apps to the apps folder:


Then copy corresponding and relevant entries to the app file we discussed earlier: ‪


This will get the apps to show up correctly in the Web AppBuilder main page. Ain’t this great! (Texan for voilà!)

Make sure to stop and start the node.js when you make any changes, and keep tabs on which apps you are copying and the location of the corresponding text.

We are happy to help.

As always, if you run into any trouble or have questions and want to learn more about Web AppBuilder, reach out to the LOGIC team Info[at]logicsolutionsgroup.com!

2017 Esri UC - The Science of Where


Last week was the 2017 Esri UC and apparently the largest Esri UC to date with almost 18,000 attendees.  The excitement and amount of people was evident during the Monday morning kickoff / plenary session with a packed house and hundreds standing in the back trying to get a glimpse of the enigmatic Jack Dangermond.  Whenever a wave of claustrophobia came over, I thought about the fact that Comic-Con actually fills the San Diego Convention Center to capacity each year with 130,000 interesting characters.

Here are my thoughts on the plenary and the days that followed.

The plenary focused on The Science of Where, a curious tagline that inundated the conference.  As it sounds, the science of where attempts to conflate sciencey bits with GIS, which is definitely true.  GIS analysts do amazing and rigorous observation and analysis as well as work through hypotheses and theorems.  Though, much of GIS focuses on managing assets spatially, not exactly science.  Overall, the message was appreciated. 

Monday evening after the plenary, LOGIC hosted our UC Dinner Cruise. Nearly 60 industry colleagues (including folks from BP, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BHP Billiton, EnerVest, Marathon, Colonial Pipeline, Esri, Safe Software / FME, etc) enjoyed dinner, drinks and a cruise around the bay. As always, it was a good time, and we look forward to hosting it again next year.

Tuesday, the plethora of great sessions began to overwhelm, though I focused in on the Spatiotemporal Data storeGeoEvent processorGeoAnalytics talks. The ability to create and dynamically filter and summarize event-driven layers is beyond cool.  I have a feeling this movement will revolutionize the way GIS data is captured and consumed.  Good stuff!

That afternoon, we hung around the oil and gas user papers presentation area and caught a great talk from our client, EnerVest, about their evolution to Enterprise GIS.  Nathan Wood of EnerVest talked about using the Esri platform and FME to change the way data was created and leveraged within the organization, and where LOGIC provided assistance! Nice work, Nathan.

Tuesday evening was another successful outdoors Petroleum Users Group Social overlooking the bay with hundreds of peers from the industry sharing stories.  Thanks to Danny Spillmann, Geoff Wade and the gang for delivering a fun event. Nice vibe in the industry.

As always, the Esri UC is a nice break from the summer heat in Houston as well as a good time overall.  Great catching up with colleagues and clients and hearing about what is on the horizon for Esri. Until next year!


Todd Buehlman

,  LOGIC Vice President - Business Solutions